Ways to volunteer

HabitatMCTX Volunteers are the most giving, kind individuals and families in Montgomery County. Without them, individuals and families would not receive access to decent, affordable housing. If you already know that you are interested in being a Habitat for Humanity Volunteer in Montgomery County, TX.

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Volunteers may help in the following ways:

Construction and Repairs

Although this is one of the best known ways to volunteer for HabitatMCTX,  it is also the place where volunteer opportunities fill up the fastest. The Construction volunteer spots are first open to build sponsors, with the remaining spots given to non-sponsor groups second and individuals third.  Repairs, however, are a bit more flexible because they happen on an as needed basis.

The ReStore

Part of the daily needs of the ReStore include volunteers that help shoppers and donors load and unload their purchases and donations.  Additionally, displays require maintenance, new inventory needs to be logged and tagged for sale, and occasionally there is a need for additional phone and email support.


Although Habitat for Humanity can seemingly be synonymous with physical labor, there are plenty of tasks that require volunteer help on a day-to-day basis inside of the office.  If you find that working inside or on a computer is a better fit for you, please consider volunteering in this capacity.

Special Events

You may have heard about the various local special events held annually to benefit HabitatMCTX.  While some of these events are put on as fund raisers by local businesses and organizations, others are made possible by an ever-growing, but always amazing, group of volunteers that ensure they go off without a hitch.  The local non-profit events put on by Habitat for Humanity are among the best charity events in Montgomery County. The largest single annual fundraiser for the organization is the annual Gala benefiting HabitatMCTX.  This event is held in the spring and has grown each year since its inception in 2011.

Family Services and Support

Volunteering with Family Services offers you the chance to play an integral role in the process of qualifying and approving applicants for our program.

Once approved, a Family Support Volunteer is assigned to each family to encourage them throughout the process, keep them on track with their sweat equity hours, and to say a few words about the family at their home dedication.

You may volunteer with one or both of these committees!

Faith Relations, Churches and Faith-Based Groups

With the number of churches and faith-based groups that volunteer with us, it is helpful to have volunteers that are familiar with the way most of these groups work in addition to their expression of faith through volunteerism. Volunteering with Faith Relations consists of communicating with churches to secure more volunteers and increase attendance at events, coordinating special announcements about the work Habitat is doing and discussing possible fundraising or sponsorship opportunities.

Youth and Young Professionals

Please contact us at development@habitatmctx.org or at 936.441.4663 if you want to coordinate an activity to teach children about Habitat for Humanity.
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Habitat Advocates – University Students and Young Professionals

If you are a Young Professional or University Student living in Montgomery County and are interested in helping us start a Young Professionals chapter for the HabitatMCTX affiliate, please contact us directly at development@habitatmctx.org for more information and for the start-up guide.


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